Active tooth protection

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Another new product is being prepared for release: "APRESYL -DONTIA". This product carries out the active restoration of teeth, enamel, dentin and bone under the teeth. The Dontia drug is a nutritional supplement, delivered from the dispenser directly to the oral cavity or first to a small spoon. The drug helps restore tooth enamel and tooth dents, and also helps restore the bone of the dental bed. Promotes the repair and healing of oral epithelium in various infections and injuries. It is used for periodontitis, high sensitivity of teeth to temperature and food. It is recommended before and after stomotological operations. It also helps build bone for a future dental implant. It has a moderate antiseptic effect. (25ml bottles)It is better to use after brushing your teeth. The dispenser dispenses dropwise (0.05 mL) of the solution. The optimal amount of one-time use of the drug is from 4 to 5 drops. The drug is mixed with saliva, it is not advisable to drink. The drug is rinsed in the oral cavity within a few minutes, after which it is swallowed. Frequency of use: up to three times a day - after eating and rinsing your mouth, brushing your teeth. Composition: Special Plant Extracts (Dushitsa, Melisa, Calendula) Contraindications: No. Pharmacology The herbal extract preparation activates facial bone-specific Bmp4 and proliferation genes. Activates proliferation of mesenchymal cells that restore tooth enamel. The activity of the drug is enhanced in the alveolar bone. Compatibility There are no drug interactions

“APRESYL-AcQuard” Drug for active oncoprotection

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This drug helps the body clear itself of the unstable microformations that constantly form in it, which contain cells that have dangerous mutations. When a critical size is reached, they become the primary center of oncology. This process takes, usually, a long time - years. So cells with oncological mutations accumulate. Our strategy is to temporarily dramatically increase the activity of our own mechanisms to destroy "wrong" cells. Why temporarily? Because the body has the main task: to recover well and regenerate its constantly updating cells correctly. And you can't interfere with them for a long time. But short-term intervention - even useful cells more carefully test themselves for "compliance standards." This strategy has already been tested in decades of experiments, its parts are contained in senolytics and recommendations for countering oncology. Today we are reaching a new level of protection against oncology. Where it is easier to warn - than to be treated later. Those wishing to receive information can contact us.

“APRESYL-Stand W” Normalizing overweight

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Our drug is the last word in protecting the body from overweight, especially white fat. Our drug has no return effect - when a hardly reduced weight returns with a reduction in very heavy effort when trying to lose excess weight. The drug has no side effects and is not toxic. You can take it only once - two months and even, after establishing a normal weight, you can simply refuse to take it further. Those wishing to receive information can contact us.


NEW++(Апресил) Prophylactically protects the body from immune failures in various infections - viruses, microbes and other pathogenic processes. This prevents the development of severe complications in infectious diseases and age-related pathologies. The proposed price meets the potential of the drug. 52 USD

NEW++(Апресил) 52 USD
organizes immune defense
After vaccination, health is not the same!" - the Chinese shared the experience of vaccination.. Апресил is a drug designed to restore the autoimmune consensus of the human body. It helps restore immune tissues after autoimmune reactions as they are lost with age. In fact, the drug prevents and slows the development of many age-related pathologies. The drug allows to sharply reduce the phenomena of pneumonia, thrombosis and fibrosis and other similar acutely current pathologies. In fact, being a harmless preventive against the danger of developing autoimmune processes. It does not matter what causes the autoimmune process: viruses, microbes or fungi. Important: on this basis, the drug has the property to protect the fertility of men and women, which is important for increasing the active life of women to menapause. The duration of the preventive action of the course of the drug is about 8-10 months (the maximum course is -10 capsules, taking 1 capsule at bedtime every other day, the usual course is 2-3 capsules long, one every other day with a break of four weeks). It is recommended to do these courses 1-2 times a year. At the same time, this drug does not interfere with other drugs. The drug allows you to sharply reduce the risk of developing pneumonia, arthritis, rheumatism, colitis, thyroiditis, osteoarthritis and other age-related pathologies. It helps with pulmonary arterial hypertension. Helps counteract COPD. Helps repair and protect bones and neurons. It has an inhibitory effect on tumor metastasis - except for lymphoma, in which it is not recommended to take it. The drug has a pronounced oncoprophylactic effect. All individual components of the drug have been known and used in medical practice for hundreds of years. This nutritional supplement does not interfere with medicines. If you are using medication, tell your doctor about its use. PS: In arthritis, rheumatism and osteoarthritis - it is allowed to repeat courses (2-3 apsules) every 1-2 months. All the latest information confirms that the question of the autoimmune answer also remains in the first place in coronavirus infections, encephalitis, moreover, the vaccines themselves need support to protect against autoimmune processes. Therefore, an important element of protection remains: preventive means of supporting Treg must be adopted. Here, NEW++ (Апресил) remains top of the list again. Limitations: Allergy to components and lymphoma.


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